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Entry #2


2010-02-21 20:13:06 by ArionFreak

what is your favorite mobile suit and why?



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2010-02-21 20:41:46

Zaku II

because it's an all around good choice, it's cheap and easily replacleable, it also has tons of weapons and it's tough enough to go toe-to-toe with some of the more hi-tech Earth Federation mobile suits.

ArionFreak responds:

Hang on second Zero, I think the zaku 2 is a favorable choice BUUUUUUUUT, the powered gm however, has a much higher mobility than a zaku 2 and the regular gm could even go toe 2 toe with a DOM. but in the end, its all about who's the pilot behind the machine.


2010-02-21 20:55:00

Trowa's gundam from gundam wing. It had two big miniguns, I forgot what it's called. That or zaku II since it's pretty cool looking


2010-02-21 21:58:40

Mine is the RX-79-G-08
or known as the E-Z8, the White Gundam from 08th ms team.

Btw Saqwert Trowa's Gundam was called the Heavy Arms


2010-02-25 19:34:02

My favorite mobile suit is the GM Striker. it was i think the best CQC gm ever in the uc. (plus it has other weapons like the beam and stuff too)


2011-05-18 07:14:46

my favorate moble suit is spartan ll armour